Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Right Brain, Left Brain

Check out this amazing and touching Ted Talk by neuroanatomist Joan Bolt Taylor who experienced a blood vessel explosion in her left brain. This talk is entitled "A Stroke of Insight" - it also reinforces for me why modalities such as focusing-oriented therapy propels the work for clients, as it facilitates "moving forward" through our connection with our right brain, as well as integration of the right and left brain.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Affairs and Attachment Styles

Some couples come into therapy to heal from affairs/infidelity. The process of therapy can shed light into the "root" of the "problem," as affairs are often a symptom of a more deeply-rooted issue. While one party is dealing with grief and loss, as well as shame, the other party may be dealing with intense anger and obsessive thinking. The journey and process of healing can bring about closer connection and attunement to each other, greater self awareness of tendencies/coping mechanism/"old programming," as well as depth work related to our family-of-origin.

Check out these links which shed light regarding affairs/infidelity and attachment bonds.